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Update on the release and availability of OLINDA version 2.0

HERMES Medical Solutions and Vanderbilt University announced the signature of an exclusive license and commercialization agreement for the new dosimetry application OLINDA / EXM® 2.0 to be distributed by HERMES. The OLINDA / EXM® application is widely used in the radiopharmaceutical industry and research community for internal dose calculations of radiopharmaceuticals. The new version has been enhanced and includes new human models and nuclides and will be available at


Mike Stabin, Ph.D., CHP, talks about the benefits of OLINDA | EXM®, a computer code that calculates organ doses and effective doses in nuclear medicine studies.

A product demo of the Organ Level INternal Dose Assessment/EXponential Modeling® (OLINDA|EXM® version 2.0)